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Affair com

But I realized we couldn’t have been the only ones going through this painful experience. Now, I coach other women (and their husbands), to find their path to hope, healing and restoration that Do you still worry about your affair partner, or feel responsible for his pain?

6 Important things to remember on how to get over worrying about your affair partner.

She inspires women to rise up and be who they were created to be.

Read More How to end an affair the right way, and overcome the challenges with women’s infidelity.

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A common thing I hear (and felt myself when I was ending my affair) is something along the lines of: “I’m worried about my affair partner. Read More6 Tips to getting closure after an affair. The question of getting closure affair an affair seems to come up a lot.

In my experience, it usually comes from an unfaithful wife, thinking she needs to contact her ex-affair partner to gain closure from him.

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